How To Order A Wall Bed

Wall beds are a great way of gaining back space in your child’s room, a guest room or in an apartment where you often lack space. Here is a quick guide to help you order the right bed for your situation.

  1. Type of bed

    We have two types of wall beds the Alpha series and the Next Beds Series. These are based on how the wall bed is installed and access to the side shelves and cabinets when the bed is in use.

    ALPHA BED – The Alpha Bed is installed into your stud work and when the bed is in use you have access to the side shelves and cabinets.
    NEXT BED – The Next Bed is perfect for apartments and studios and is normally bolted to the floor or skirting board. When the bed is in use there is limiteds access to the shelves and cabinets.

    In both installations its not mandatory to have side shelves or cabinets but they do give extra storage space.

  2. Measure your space

    The width of a wall bed starts from 1123mm (single bed)  right through to over two metres for a king size bed for an upright bed. Wall bed sizes can be found here. So you need to make sure you have the room and whether or not you can fit in shelves, or fit a wall bed with a desk.

    Most of the wall beds only stand out from the wall at 410mm which is really no larger than a wardrobe leaving you plenty of floor space.

  3. Choose your colours

    We have an exciting range of colours that you can find here. White is our most popular colour but you can choose from a range of wood grain and textured finishes to match your existing decor.

  4. What about a mattress?

    If you have a current mattress you would like to use thats fine as long as its no thicker than 30cm. We highly recommend our specialised wall bed mattresses as they are the perfect fit and high quality. When was the last time you tried a brand new mattress?

  5. Installation

    We also can install your wall bed but limited only to Victoria. Generally if you’re a handy man you should be able to install the wall bed yourself as they are delivered as a flat pack. Most professional handy men can install the wall bed by following our detailed instructions should you not be so inclined.If we are to install your wall bed access is critical especially in an apartment. We preferred to have two carparks available for our installers if possible.

Now all we need to do for you is deliver and install. Currently please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery and installation. Call or email Leigh Robinson today PH: 0412 525 137.