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Indeco’s Sliding Door Hardware is Sublime

Do your wardrobe doors open into your room? Do they take up way too much space? Maybe you just need room dividers. Whatever your needs can help. Their innovative sliding door systems are designed to give maximum functionality while remaining aesthetically pleasing. They bring a stylish touch to any room no matter how they are used.

sliding door tracks are made from natural anodised aluminium. This has many benefits, which include durability, cost effectiveness, and easy maintanence. Ask your architect about Indeco sliding door systems and how they can be incoporated into your home.

Indeco’s Sliding Door Tracks to Conceal or Reveal

An open plan kitchen, dining room, and lounge are is a fantastic feature of any home. The lack of doors makes you feel free and comfortable, but sometimes, you need to partition off a room. For example, maybe you have an Indeco NeXtbed frame installed in your living room. Having an open plan style can make it difficult to use it because you won’t want to disturb your guests. You can insall an Indeco A500 sliding door system, without thresholds to divide the room, close off the lounge and leave your guests to rest in peace. Other great uses for a room divider are to minimize heating and cooling expenses plus moderate noise when you are preparing meals in the kitchen. Now one will miss a single minute of that rugby game. These sliding doors come in a variety of colours, so they can easily blend into any home design.

Transform your Wardrobe with Indeco Sliding Doors

Possibly the best application for Indeco’s sliding door hardware is in the wardrobe. These walk-through sliding doors have no threshold giving them a clean finish. They can add a touch of the dramatic to your walk-in wardrobe. Indeco’s sliding door systems are made using an natural anodised aluminium profile, which makes them durable and easy-to-use. They feature special locking and rolling systems that create an easy, silent glide. No one will be slamming this doors shut.

Main Features of the Indeco Sliding Door Systems

Indeco’s A500 Aluminium Series have a maximum height of 3000mm or 4000mm if the panels used are extremly light. They have a width of 2600mm for two sliding sleeves. The maximum weight each sliding door track can handle is 50kg, which gives you a lot fo room for creativity when design your custom wardrobe sliding door. The panels have a thickness of 4mm to 10mm.

If you are looking for something bigger, you can choose the Indeco A100 series, Indeco Ontario Frameless Door Series, or Indeco Athabasca Narrow Frame Doors. The maximum height for these doors is the same as the A500 Series, but they can have any width you like, with added components, sections of up to 5000mm each. The maximum weight is 50kg and panel thickness is 4mm to 10mm.

Choose Indeco’s Sliding Doors for Your Home

Whichever sliding door system you choose for your home design, make sure it’s been maunfactured by . They have the highest quality products with the widest variety of design options. Your sliding door hardware choice has never been easier. Get your architect to contact us today or visit website to find out more.