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Indeco’s Tallboys are the Perfect Wardrobe Accessory

If you need to create more space in your wardrobe and don’t want everyone to see what’s in the drawers, then tallboys are for you. They have a variety of designs available in our Organisation Units and each one is created using the best material to match your home décor. A Tallboy can add a touch of class to your wardrobe if you place it inside, or can serve as a greate alternative wardrobe for a guest or baby room.

Whatever your needs, has something for you. Their organisation system designs make keeping your closet tidy simple, which will save you time when getting ready or spring cleaning. Ask your architect how a Tallboy can be incorprated into your new home layout or current home remodelling.

The History of Tallboys

Tallboys are made up of a chest of drawers at the bottom and a wardrobe at the top. They date back to the 18th century and were a popular item in many homes during that time. Originating from Philidelphia, America, these tallboys were over designed using ornate patterns and high-quality wood. They were often stand-alone pieces of furniture that served the prupose of storing all clothes, jewellery, shoes, and anything else.

Indeco’s Modern Tsist on Tallboys

Today, tallboys have been designed with a modern twist. Indeco’s tallboys have been designed to fit within the wardrobe design. They work particularly well with walk-in wardrobes as they can break up the flow of hanging clothing. They are often used to store jewellery or personal items you don’t want lying around for others to see. The exterior doors of a tallboy are usually made melamine,, but with Indeco, you can use glass or mirror to create a sleek look inside your wardrobe.

Tallboys can also be equipped with unique spaces on the inside, for example, when opening the top wardrobe section of your tallboy, you might include Indeco’s Pant sliding Organizer or Pivot Out design. It can tuck away in the space nicely, keep your pants from creasing, and create a dynamic flow to your wardrobe. You could even transform one of the bottom drawers with a Hamper Door Mounted Tilt-Out Basket to store your dirty clothes with ease. Some of the other drawers can be fitted with jewellery partitions, so you can safely store your precious accessories without them getting damaged.

Indeco’s Tallboys Offer Versatility Like No Other

If you are redesigning your wardrobe or are builidng a new home, then get your architect to contact . They can help you find the best tallboys for your home design. You can create a unique wardrobe with these ancient pieces of furniture that have undergone a modern twist. That are made from the highest quality materials and expertly constructed to ensure durability. Visit today to look at their protfolio. They have a proven track record of excellence and are always ready to create the best design for their clients whatever their design needs.