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Let Indeco Help You Create Your Dream Wardrobe

Do you need a new wardrobe in your home? Are you struggling to decide what will be the best design for you? Indeco has the solutions for you. Whether you need to replace your wardrobe door, expand your wardrobe storage space, or build an entire one from scratch, they have a design that will fit in with your décor and style.

Feel like a celebrity with a walk-in wardrobe or utilise space efficiently with a built-in wardrobe. has a wide range of accesseries and wardrobe organisation units to build the closet of your dreams. Everything from shoe organizers to pull-out mirrors.

Wardrobe Doors are the Face of Your Closet Space

Wardrobes have become a feature in aa room. Think about house you’ve seen without built-in wardrobes or with badly designed ones. They make the room feel empty when missing and stuffy when ugly. Indeco believes that wardrobe doors are just as important as the storage space. You want your wardrobe to accentuate the style of your room not detract from it. Indeco’s wide range gives you creative freedom to choose different panel colours, sizes, and shapes. Their natural anodised aluminium profiles make their wardrobe doors durable and easy to maintain. Not to mention the smooth, silent glide of the wardrobe bottom roller tracks. There are also a variety of designs including sliding doors, pivoted, and bi-fold. You can even choose frameless doors to create a seamless look in your room.

To Built-in Wardrobe or Walk-in Wardrobe? – That is the Question

If you have a huge amount of space, installing a walk-in wardrobe can add a dramatic touch to your room. You can feel like a celebrity every time you get ready for work or a night out. Walk-in wardrobes offer so many benefits. You can easily store everything from your clothes to your linen in the same place. Furniture like cabinets and dressing tables can be removed to free up sapce in your room because these can be built into your walk-in wardrobe. Indeco’s designs are stylish, modren, and focused on functionality. They have a range of beautiful wardrobe inserts that will make this space one of the most comfortable in your house. Here is a short list of the amazing walk-in wardrobe units you can install:

  • Pull-out mirrors
  • Shoe organizers
  • Pant and skirt racks to minimize creasing
  • Pull out tie racks
  • Pull down wardrobe rods
  • Jewellery drawers
  • Baskets & Hampers

There are so many other wardrobe inserts available, and these are just examples for walk-in wardrobes. Built-in wardrobes are perfect for those with limited space or looking to open up more space in their rooms. Indeco’s built-in wardrobes help you get organised while remaining aesthetically pleasing. They can either be installed with a wardrobe door, or left open to give a slightly different flair to your space. There are a number of wardrobe inserts specifically designed for built-in wardrobes. These include:

  • Haning rails
  • Pull-out Ironing Boards
  • Pull-down wardrobe rods
  • Pull-out belt racks
  • Baskets
  • Drawers
  • Shoe shelves

These are just a few of the items you can use to create your perfect built-in wardrobe.

Let Indeco Design Your Wardrobe Today

Your wardrobe storage space is one of the most important features of your home. Visit to see their previous works. If you like what you see, get your architect to contact us today.