NeXt Bed – Your Cheapest Option

The Cheapest Wall Bed Option You Can Have In 7 Days

Its not often we get asked for a wall bed without cabinetry, shelves or cupboard just the wall bed. Normally these types of orders come from experienced home renovators or builders.

We recently had a request from a lady in Adelaide who wanted a wall bed quickly without fuss and she had a handy man organised to do the installation. The lady was having relatives visiting from interstate and her home was quite small. We had the perfect solution for her: a queen size NeXt Bed. Flat packed and delivered promptly with 4 page installation instructions.

By the way this economical bed is based on a European design and is of the highest quality. This is not a cheapie, poorly made wall bed. It’s our most economical option if you want a bed delivered any where around Australia (with some limitations) within seven days of full payment.

The NeXt Bed – Why Its So Good

In the old days (back in the day) wall beds were clunky iron contraptions and made of heavy components and flimsy mattress foundations. This has all changed with our NeXt bed incredible design that can make owning a wall bed super easy with the following:

  1. The slates provide strong support for the mattress and stop the mattress from flopping about when not in use in the upright position.
  2. Because the mattress is so well supported it gives you the perfect nights sleep spread the weight evenly across the bed.
  3. In most cases the wall bed is mounted into the wall structure so there is no need to rip up carpet but if this is not possible floor mounting is an option.
  4. The spring system can be adjusted to suit and are installed to make lowering and closing the wall bed a breeze. You don’t need to be strong at all to use the NeXT bed on a daily basis with effortless operation. Springs last for almost ever and are far better than a hydraulic/gas mounted system.
  5. The wall bed sticks out from the wall no more than an ordinary wardrobe giving you plenty of room.
  6. As I mentioned earlier your new wall bed is carefully packaged in flat packs and delivered to your home or apartment.
  7. A single bed comes in two boxes, a double and queens size bed arrives with 3 boxes.

If you are looking for an economical wall bed option based on your current situation then a NeXt bed will be perfect for you. Remember you can get your local carpenter or cabinet maker to build a wardrobe type covering around the bed in the future if that suits your current budget.