Indeco Australasia is the exclusive Australian distributor of Indeco Europe. Quality, flexible storage solutions to build beautiful custom wardrobes.

Indeco Australasia is a company with great knowledge and experience in the wardrobe industry, and proud to introduce to you a new line of door systems for wardrobes door systems for wardrobes that will make your projects exceptionally easy to accomplish. Indeco is a leader in the European market for manufacturing wardrobe door systems, and is now established worldwide. Indeco Australasia is pleased to announce that we are the Australasian distributors for their produce here in Australia.

Indeco sliding doors are the smoothest and quietest sliding doors in the field. We have a large selection of frame styles; insert material colours to choose from so we can provide a product that matches your aesthetic needs exactly and come in on budget. Indeco doors are custom manufactured to your client’s exact specifications, in which they will enjoy the INDECO doors;they are engineered for a lifetime of trouble free use.

With over 20 years of industry experience, and a 5-year warranty, implementing our design, we are committed to streamlining the purchase and process and achieving complete satisfaction from the end user.


Why Choose Us?

The home improvement industry has seen substantial growth within the last few years, allowing lots of opportunity for profit. Homeowners across the country are focused on adding comfort, style,value with organisation storage in their homes – and you can fulfil this demand!

We at Indeco Doors offer your showroom a virtually endless array of options to organise the rooms in your clients homes such as; door systems, sliding doors, walk – through sliding doors, wall beds,wardrobe internals & accessories that need it most, including our popular walk – in wardrobes.

Now you the supplier can do more than just daydream about selling your ideal wardrobe solution, because your local experts at Indeco Doors can either supply you the storekeeper the materials to build, or we can simply do it for you! Being asked by your clients for more space, our makeovers can consist of wall – hung wardrobe systems, floor – based wardrobe systems, or even a combination of both.

Custom wardrobe systems from Indeco Doors are designed with your clients wardrobes in mind, so they won`t continue to waste another minute frantically searching for their favourite shoes, shirt,or belt, just to come up empty – handed.

Their wardrobe will be organised to make room for all of the clothes and accessories they already have, with space for the new must – haves. Our professional designers can help you the storeowner to select the styles, sizes and colours in order to make one – of – kind furniture customised to fit the everyday needs and, more importantly, save you time and money. Showrooms advantages – very few of our competitors have showrooms which are crucial in the clients ability to visualise the various product offerings as well as get a feel for the benefits, of our product .

Our Partners showrooms even provide the customer with a free, no – obligation design consultation. Contact Indeco Doors today and ask how I can get started, in my showroom now with Indeco Doors Systems!

Partners and Dealers

Our Shop Is Your Shop


Are you a home builder, home renovator or interior designer looking for a wholesale wardrobe systems manufacturer? At Indeco Doors, our shop is your shop.

Let us be your PARTNER IN PROFIT. Indeco Doors focuses on wholesale wardrobe systems, wardrobe organisers and overall wholesale storage solutions.

With over twenty years of experience in the wardrobe industry and state of the art manufacturing facility, we are uniquely positioned to assist you with the design of your customers storage solutions, from; door systems, sliding doors, walk – through sliding doors, wall beds, wardrobe internals & accessories that need it most, including our popular walk – in wardrobes, and so much more!

Benefits of Becoming a INDECO Doors Distributor Include:

. No franchise costs or marketing fees.
. Exclusive Distributor Tools to make your job easier.
. Showroom-in-a-Case with loads of material samples.
. High resolution images you can download and use on your own website or printed give away brochures.
. Design and drawing assistance available.
. An excellent product inventory, including our latest walk – in wardrobe exclusive hardware range.
. Friendly customer service, sales and technical support.
. High quality materials and workmanship.
. State of the art manufacturing facility.
. Delivery on time, and special pricing on showroom display.

Contact Indeco Doors today and ask how I can get started, in my showroom as a Indeco distributor!

Home Builders and Contractors

Our well – trained designers can work with a home builder, or directly with their buyers. We can add value to new homes, home renovator or interior designer by maximising space usage and expanding storage in new homes. We offer a menu of choices, and a vast selection of products and options to customise and personalise homes for sale. We welcome trade Partners and Installers and keep ourselves in a position to service home builders and others involved with the home construction and home improvements industries. Marketing to home buyers is as difficult as ever.

Yesterday`s granite kitchen top upgrade is standard today. How can home builders differentiate their product? Industry research indicates that home buyers today want better organisation and storage systems. Let Indeco Doors professionals go to work for you to help finish and sell homes faster, at better prices!