Shoji Screens & Doors


Custom made screens & doors for your home, office and commercial premises and for volume architectural projects; all made 100{bb63151727511e448987ed19667209216fb1c55e032eb294d584883c6c12e905} in Australia using locally qualified craftspeople.

Artistic, prestigious & versatile, our screens are hand finished, made from quality timbers and come with a variety of durable polycarbonate and acrylic infill panels. Natural timber finished in clear, white or black lacquer, stained or painted to suit your décor.

Providing a traditional Japanese feel or a contemporary statement, we install or can supply for you to fit.

Our screens & doors may be used as room dividers, fixed partitions, or free standing, and in sliding, hinged, cavity or bi-fold applications.

Great product, great service, made to last.

Our range of Shoji Screens & Doors are made in Australia by Shoji Screens & Doors

Our range of Shoji Screens & Doors

A few samples from our extensive range.

modern screens
Classic Shoji Screens & Doors
Asian Fusion Shoji Screens
Geelong Asian Fusion Shoji Screens