Wall Beds
The ultimate storage solution. Get the perfect set up to host visitors, without the permanent space loss.


*Maximise bedroom space
*Fingertip control
*Children`s room and spare bedroom
*Unused rooms where space is required
* Full range of bookcases and cabinetry colours to choose


Maximise the use of your space with a Murphy Bed System. Turn an actic, townhouse, spare bedroom or even your home study into a bedroom within moments – simply and easily without struggling to unfold a studio couch or blow up a camping mattress. Product range comes in arrange of styles:  Murphy Wall Bed Systems in Vertical or Horizontally, Studio Desk, NeXt Bed Euro Wall Bed & Wall Bed Hardware D.I.Y Kit.

Available in following mattress sizes, depending on Wall Bed selection: Single, Double, Queen & King.

Our range of wall beds are designed and made in Australia by WallBeds Australia.

Our range of wall beds
Alpha Bed Drawer and Small Cupboard
Alpha Bed Full Cupboards
Alpha Bed Horizontal
Alpha Bed Open Shelves
Alpha Bed Studio Desk
Alpha Bed Drawers
Alpha Bed Shelves
Alpha Bed with Side Shelves