Walk In Wardrobe Design

Designing a walk in robe - In The Begining

When planning your wardrobe space, consider colours, style and hardware and look for accessories that add style and efficiency. Just some of many options available include drawers, double hanging shelves, movable shelving for organising shoes, purses and folded items, plus a hamper to keep laundry hidden as well as pull-out pants, belts, ties and valet rods to get your clothes ready for the next day.

Start by taking measurements of the inside of your wardrobe to determine how much space you have to work with. As you sketch, be sure to include any obstacles, such as: note the location and type of door, including the swing direction, light fixtures, switch plates, outlets and ductwork and windows etc.

How to organize a walk in robe .

  • Depending on who is using the wardrobe, you will want to determine how much space you and your partner will need. Is it divided 50/50? 60/40? 75/25? From extra shelving to baskets and hanging space, what kind of wardrobe storage suits your needs:
  • For dresses and longer clothing items, consider adding full hanging space.
  • For hanging coates,shirts, and pants, you can add double hanging space.
  • Store folded items such as jumpers ,jeans, tee shirts and extra folded items on the open shelves.
  • Accessories such as belt, tie and valet rod, to get your clothes ready for the next day. Plus slanted shoe shelves that keep footwear organised and visual.

Planning & Fitting Out

  • A few key points to keep in mind as one designs functionality, organisation and beauty.
  • Use space above the hanging areas for storing hand bags and folded items.
  • Designate top shelves as travel bags, seasonal clothing and slow moving items.
  • Create a central point by positioning a built-in drawer unit, also serves as a dresser.
  • Adjustable hanging rods to double the storage area and keep clothing organized.
  • Position hanging rods and shelving nearest the entryway to the wardrobe, to give a relaxed feeling as one enters.

Getting Serious - A Few Wardrobe Technical Points

Planning a customised wardrobe.  Indeco Doors is a complete line of pre-cut laminated panel components, patterned hardware and accessories designed for simple wardrobe planning, ordering and installation. These components can be organised into two basis Organisation Units or “Cut-To-Size” units. When planning a wardrobe think of these Organisation Units as the basic building blocks to plan your customised wardrobe system.

Add accessories to customise the wardrobe plan. To compliment these melamine Organisation Units, we also offer a wide range of wardrobe patented accessories and hardware. Available in a variety of sizes, colours and finishes, our Organisation Units and Cut-To-Size units are sure to add elegance and sophistication to any Walk-In wardrobe.

Costing & Sizing

Add value to your home, by adding a Walk-In wardrobe. Buyers will pay more for this feature. At Indeco Doors, we can design a customised system just for you, to suit any budget. Our wardrobe system is customised and we offer a full range of finishes, colours and Organization Unit designs, made to your measurements, so we are not able to quote standard pricing.

We can work to any width of your room or space. All our panels are 416mm deep x 18mm in thickness with a 1mm ABS edge. In a Walk-In wardrobe, you need to leave, to an adjoining wall, at least  590mm for hanging sections. This additional space accommodates standard hangers that extend beyond the 416mm depth of the vertical panels.

Any size you like! By using our “Cut-To-Size” hanging or shelving Organisation Modular Units. That are Custom made to your exact measurements, so everything fits! From either wall to wall or to a seen end return.