Organising Or Saving The Space In Your Home

Organising or Saving Space

Indeco started as a walk in wardrobe supplier using the incredibly efficient and high quality wardrobe systems from Poland and the USA. This includes a wide range of accessories such as valet rods, shoe storage solutions, pant racks and more. Operating from Geelong and servicing the greater Geelong region including Torquay, Lorne, Ocean Grove and slowly building a clientele in Melbourne Indeco has sort other opportunities in wall beds and room dividers.

This may seem an odd combination but its all tied together with having great installers who understand not only our wardrobe systems but also the wall beds and room dividers as well. In fact the room dividers can also be used as wardrobe sliding doors and whilst in the bedroom it’s no issue fitting a wall bed with cupboards and shelves.

The ability to install these complimentary products is unique and we have many clients who have a walk in wardrobe installed and room dividers at the same time.
We are in the business of utilising space more effectively or saving space in your home.

Home Office Creation?

If you need to shut off a home office so you can work without interruption or your home office doubles as a bedroom or you are fed up with a disorganised wardrobe then we can help. This is our sweet spot and we can help you wade through the many options available.

If you’re downsizing or live in an apartment where space is limited then a wall bed can help you claim back space and give you choices in how you can use the room for other activities. Maybe you live in an older, larger home without adequate wardrobe storage space and need our his/her walk in wardrobe options. Or your home has large open areas that you liked in the beginning but realise they may need controlling with room dividers that match your decor.

These are our three important space saving or space organising services we can provide for your home.

Your next step is to call Leigh Robinson to reevaluate the space in your home especially after you have check our other three websites out.