Five Types Of Wall Beds

Five Types Of Wall Beds Available To Install

Most clients order a standard queen size wall bed with side cabinetry or shelves in a wood grain finish but there are other wall bed choices available. In this article we go through the six styles of murphy beds available ready for delivery in most parts of Australia.

Wall Bed Type #1 Standard Wall Beds For Your Home

For a home with studded walls and space besides the bed we have the Alpha wall bed that is most likely the type of wall bed in a cupboard surround that every knows and understands. When the wall bed is down or up you have access to the cabinets and books either side. The wall bed is a spring loaded system making it easy for any adult (young or old) to download or close the wall bed to utilise the space. The wall bed cupboard and shelving comes in a range of colours and finishes.

geelong wall bed

Wall Bed Type #2 Standard Wall Beds For Your Apartment

The NeXt is famous for being installed in apartments and smaller studios or bedsits. This wall bed is also perfect if you have no access to the building frame as its normally bolted securely to the floor or skirting boards. The NeXt bed, when in use limits access to any side shelving or cabinets. The mechanism (spring loaded) is similar to the above mentioned Alpha bed and is sturdy and strong and being mechanical in nature will last for many decades with proper use.

apartment wall bed

Wall Bed Type #3 Horizontal Wall Beds

The next type of wall bed is the horizontal wall bed suitable for very small rooms or even hallways (yes we have installed a wall bed in a hallway before). The horizontal wall bed is attached to the wall as its an Alpha bed and comes in single, double and queen sizes only.

wall bed horizontal

Wall Bed Type #4 Studio Wall Bed With Desk

The Alpha Studio wall bed is a popular choice for adapting a bedroom into a home office and comes with a desk. The desk folds down without having to clear the desk which is a convenient feature. This is also a great option for a teenagers bedroom giving them a easy to make bed, a desk and more room space.



Wall Bed Type #5 Library Wall Beds

The Library bed is becoming more popular the more people realise they can have this option. It’s available in double and queen size and gives you a ton of book shelves.

library wall bed

These are the options available to you. A wall bed to suit any size room and budget.

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