How To Order A Room Divider

Five Tips On Ordering A Room Divider Or Sliding Door

A room divider is a great way of controlling noise, temperature and your privacy. Room dividers are great if you’re working from home and need peace and quiet during those Zoom meetings. Here is how to get the ball rolling.

Opening Size

The first thing we need to establish is the size of the area you want to enclose. This will determine the type of room divider that will suit you. The best thing to do is roughly measure the opening and send an image or images so we can determine the best room divider to install.

Trackless or Bottom Track

We have two systems of tracks: one that is a trackless on the bottom of the room divider or threshold free where the weight is taken by the top track and another system where a bottom track is installed to take the weight. A threshold free track system needs roof cavity access and support from ceiling joists or a bulk head. In most houses this is not too much of a problem but in apartments the lack of access and available support structures make it difficult to install a threshold free room divider.

Weight is another concern and we are restricted to 50kgs per panel.

Type Of Flooring

If a bottom track needs to be installed then the type of floor covering needs attention. We commonly come across these types of floor coverings: floating wooden floors, carpet tiles, carpets and ceramic tiles. If you have carpet then the track can be fitted by slicing the carpet. A professional carpet layer will be required to stretch the carpet back to the side of the bottom room divider track.

If you have ceramic tiles then a track can be surface mounted or a professional concrete cutter will be required to recess the track. Once the track is install it work get in the way of foot traffic or trip you up.

If a floor covering can’t be recessed then a track must “sit” on top of the floor covering. Our tracks are sloped so this reduces the chance of tripping and allows wheel chairs easy access through the opening.

Colours and finishes

We have wide range of colours and translucent finishes available to choose from. We also have examples of our you can mix and match colours to suit your existing decor.

Booking A Measure & Quote & Installation

After you have given us your opening measurements we can give you an indicative price but to be super accurate we will need to do an onsite measurement. From there we go into production and finally installation. This normally takes about 6 weeks but due to the unpredictability of COVID and lock downs it’s taking a bit longer.

Contact Leigh today (Ph: 0412 525 137) regarding room divider or sliding door installations (this includes wardrobe doors).