Shoji Doors In Modern Homes

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The Timeless Appeal of Shoji Room Dividers and Doors in Modern Homes In the world of interior design, blending traditional elements with modern aesthetics can create a serene and visually stunning environment. One such element that has crossed cultural boundaries with its elegance and practicality is the Shoji screen. Originating from Japan, these room dividers … Read more

Choosing A Room Divider In Geelong

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Choosing The Perfect Room Divider In Geelong Selecting a room divider for your West Geelong villa or modern Charlemont abode is a decision that can significantly alter the ambiance of your living or office space. While it may seem daunting at first, fret not! Here’s a breakdown in five easy steps to help you navigate … Read more

How To Order A Room Divider

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Five Tips On Ordering A Room Divider Or Sliding Door A room divider is a great way of controlling noise, temperature and your privacy. Room dividers are great if you’re working from home and need peace and quiet during those Zoom meetings. Here is how to get the ball rolling. Opening Size The first thing … Read more

Organising Or Saving The Space In Your Home

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Organising or Saving Space Indeco started as a walk in wardrobe supplier using the incredibly efficient and high quality wardrobe systems from Poland and the USA. This includes a wide range of accessories such as valet rods, shoe storage solutions, pant racks and more. Operating from Geelong and servicing the greater Geelong region including Torquay, … Read more