The Alpha Bed™: A Versatile and Safe Wall Bed

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The Alpha Bed™: A Versatile and Safe Wall Bed Solution for Every Home The Alpha Bed™ system is a clever solution for anyone who needs a foldable wall bed that’s easy to use every day. Whether you need a single, double, or king-size bed, this system fits perfectly into a cabinet and can be set … Read more

Your Essential Guide to Wall Beds in 2024

When it comes to making the most of your home’s space, wall beds, also known as Murphy beds, are a practical choice. They save floor space and can be a key element in your room’s design. Let’s look at the important factors to consider when deciding between a horizontal or vertical wall bed. Wall Beds: … Read more

Murphy Beds – 5 Great Reasons

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5 Reasons to Get a Murphy Bed Installed Murphy beds, also known as wall beds or fold-down beds, have been a space-saving solution for years. While many people opt for a Murphy bed to maximize space in small apartments or guest rooms, there are some truly unique and unexpected reasons to consider installing one in … Read more

Library Wall Bed

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Library Wall Bed – Elegance & Functionality A library wall bed is a brilliant fusion of functionality and sophistication that brings together the worlds of literature and sleep in a remarkable way. Combining the comfort of a bed with the elegance of a library, this innovative piece of furniture offers a space-saving solution without compromising … Read more

7 Reasons To Get An Alpha Bed

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An Alpha bed, a type of wall bed or Murphy bed, is a versatile and innovative solution that offers numerous benefits for individuals and families alike. Designed to fold up and disappear into the cabinet when not in use, an alpha bed combines functionality, space optimisation, and aesthetic appeal. Here Are Seven Reasons To Get … Read more

NeXt Bed Wall Bed

The NeXt Bed Wall Bed

NeXt Bed is a leading brand in the world of wall beds (or Murphy Beds), offering innovative and space-saving sleeping solutions for modern homes and apartments. With their cleverly designed and versatile wall beds, NeXt Bed has revolutionised the way we think about maximising space and functionality in bedrooms and living areas. One of the … Read more

Five Types Of Wall Beds

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Five Types Of Wall Beds Available To Install Most clients order a standard queen size wall bed with side cabinetry or shelves in a wood grain finish but there are other wall bed choices available. In this article we go through the six styles of murphy beds available ready for delivery in most parts of … Read more

How To Order A Wall Bed

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Wall beds are a great way of gaining back space in your child’s room, a guest room or in an apartment where you often lack space. Here is a quick guide to help you order the right bed for your situation. Type of bed We have two types of wall beds the Alpha series and … Read more

Organising Or Saving The Space In Your Home

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Organising or Saving Space Indeco started as a walk in wardrobe supplier using the incredibly efficient and high quality wardrobe systems from Poland and the USA. This includes a wide range of accessories such as valet rods, shoe storage solutions, pant racks and more. Operating from Geelong and servicing the greater Geelong region including Torquay, … Read more