Reach Vs Walk In Wardrobe

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Reach Vs Walk In Wardrobe – Which One? When it comes to wardrobes, there are two primary options: reach-in and walk-in wardrobes. Both options have their own advantages and disadvantages, which we will explore in this article. Reach-in Wardrobe A reach-in wardrobe is a closet that you access by opening a single door. These wardrobes … Read more

NeXt Bed – Your Cheapest Option

apartment wall bed

The Cheapest Wall Bed Option You Can Have In 7 Days Its not often we get asked for a wall bed without cabinetry, shelves or cupboard just the wall bed. Normally these types of orders come from experienced home renovators or builders. We recently had a request from a lady in Adelaide who wanted a … Read more

Five Types Of Wall Beds

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Five Types Of Wall Beds Available To Install Most clients order a standard queen size wall bed with side cabinetry or shelves in a wood grain finish but there are other wall bed choices available. In this article we go through the six styles of murphy beds available ready for delivery in most parts of … Read more

How To Order A Room Divider

bathroom and wardrobe sliding doors

Five Tips On Ordering A Room Divider Or Sliding Door A room divider is a great way of controlling noise, temperature and your privacy. Room dividers are great if you’re working from home and need peace and quiet during those Zoom meetings. Here is how to get the ball rolling. Opening Size The first thing … Read more

How To Order A Wall Bed

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Wall beds are a great way of gaining back space in your child’s room, a guest room or in an apartment where you often lack space. Here is a quick guide to help you order the right bed for your situation. Type of bed We have two types of wall beds the Alpha series and … Read more

Organising Or Saving The Space In Your Home

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Organising or Saving Space Indeco started as a walk in wardrobe supplier using the incredibly efficient and high quality wardrobe systems from Poland and the USA. This includes a wide range of accessories such as valet rods, shoe storage solutions, pant racks and more. Operating from Geelong and servicing the greater Geelong region including Torquay, … Read more